Coming Home- Transition

Coming Home Transitions Transitions are hard.  Coming home from Sandy Beach Lake Campground is probably one of the hardest transitions I have ever had to do.  It has taken me almost two months to be able to sleep six hours straight. I kid you not.  One might think this is from all the city noise I now hear and yes, that is partially correct.  But […]


Packaging Dehydrated Products

Packaging, Keeping my Dehydrated Foods Fresh Vacuum Sealing Vacuum sealing is the process whereby you take specially made plastic either already in bags or in rolls and make your own bags and then add the dehydrated food and suck all the air out of it while sealing the end of the open bag. This is a fairly simple process which takes seconds to complete if […]



Anticipation I suppose that all adventurers go through an anticipatory mindset before setting off on their journey.  First there is the exploration and research done of everyone else that has traveled in the area that you are going to traverse through, there is the equipment checklist, the mandatory needs check list and the what ifs checklist.  Being fourteen and not going on any adventure like […]


Where Will All the Wildlife GO?

Where is all the wildlife going? Two years ago, my father was up visiting us in early May -late April. He had gotten up earlier than the rest of us fixing his coffee in the kitchen. I could smell the deep roast of coffee brewing, so I got up and went downstairs to converse with Dad.  He was excited -he had looked out at the […]


Camp Cilca to Ely, Minnesota

1972 Camp Cilca, Central Illinois Part One My mom and dad were nervous about letting me go on this canoe trip. They had purchased all new shorts outfits for me. This was a big deal as money was always tight on the farm. I had a rain coat, sleeping bag, hat and my trusty canteen. I was set to go. Dad and Mom had seen […]


Reality Check

Reality Check I mentioned in my last post of Mealtime Mondays that it wasn’t overwhelming to dehydrate food for 150 days.  I lied.  Friday, I hit the preverbal brick wall. I woke up in the middle of the night panicking.  My mind went something like this. Lisa, you are going to be out for 150 days. How much meat does it take to make a […]


Singing A Song

Sunday Reflections April Fools and Easter Sunday What a combination! Mother Nature is surely trying to keep us on our toes with warm weather one week and snowy weather the next. My daffodils are confused as are the robins, purple finches, and cardinals. Should they be singing for spring or looking for cover? Girl Scout Camp Camp Tapawingo, a Girl Scout Camp located in central […]


Wildlife Wednesday – Tipping Point

WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY Tipping Point – Where is our land going? Every day there is an article on Facebook, or in the news, drilling is being allowed, mining is being allowed, our once public lands are being compromised and reduced acre by acre. Having grown up on an Illinois farm, I am sensitive to these issues. I remember a discussion we had in high school – […]


Mealtime Mondays – Magic Hot Chocolate!

Meal Time Mondays 1972 First BWCA Trip Sometimes you can look back at where you have been and know that this is how you arrived at where you are currently at.  It makes sense, it is logical, it is almost predictable.  That would be the case with what I am attempting to do for my journey up North in the culinary department. It started with […]


Sunday Reflections – First Ever Camping Trip

Sunday Reflections Chunking I am going to chunk my posts.  My goal is three a week. Sundays Reflections will be about reflections – camping trips pasts –a brief history of me camping in the past, my dreams and goals for the future. Mondays will be about meals Mealtime Mondays – this was a great suggestion from my daughter who already is an experienced blogger. Mealtime […]