A Long Way Home


Sometimes, sitting at my computer this summer, I have had to face the fact that my life has led me to a new chapter in my life.

I am not up at Sandy Beach this summer and it has darned near killed me.  I loved it up there. I was at home, at peace and most of all surrounded by nature, new and old friends.

This summer has had it’s share of trials.  What they are, were or continue to be really isn’t the focus of this blog today.

What do we do to follow our heart home?

I’ve been told that home is where you hang your hat, a house or a cabin or tent or trailer that you have made into a home.  For most people that is very true.  Think about where you hang your hat – is it home to you or a house you are just living in and occupying until you find that place you can really call home?

For me, I am finding that home can be many things. This summer, I am learning that home for me is within.  It is a place in my heart that I hold dear and share with very few people.  It is the only place that I have been able to stay sane and not go off the deep end.  It is a place that I have been able to dig in deep find the strength and courage to face another day of some of the challenges that are in my life right now.  It is a place of hope, dreams and goals for what will be in a future time.  It is my home for now, that place deep within my soul somewhere floating around cushioning my heart. 

I am learning to take it slow.  And then I am learning to take it even slower yet. I laugh while I type this. I have never taken anything this slow in my entire life. LOL.  I hope you laugh with me as well.

My life has always been a plan of attack, what to do, what needs to be done to make happen as to where to be next.  This summer, it is about getting up and repeating the same process from the day before with a few variances thrown in. 

I always thought that character was built out of the challenges of our travels, our hardships, or the handicaps that sometimes life can throw at us.  AND IT IS!!! But what I am being taught this summer is that character is made of facing every day with the same thing in the routine as the day before.  For me at least, my character is developing to a level of depth that I never knew I had in me, but I guess that was the challenge of the summer.

To keep on keeping on as so many of my friends would say.  To be, to enjoy the moment, to smell the roses, to listen to the songs of your heart, that is what taking it slow is all about. I am learning.  Slowly.  It is hard.  I am so used to being in control or thinking I am in control lol.  (I know friends, you are surely saying, “finally she is getting it.” Lol. 

So, look around you – are you living in a house or a home, is there a place somewhere near or far that feels more like home?  And most importantly look deep inside – how does that feel and look even deeper still– is that heart and soul your true home? 

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