Spoon River Elements Photography has evolved over a period of years. Just as the actual Spoon River has changed its channel over time, so, too has the direction of my artwork changed!

When you look at what affects a river- nature, wind, earth, fires, people, animals, these are all things that have affected my work over the years. I started out making glass beads and working with dichroic glass. Then I dabbled in some silver and gold work both cast and assembled and in the meantime I was always taking photographs starting with my Brownie camera that I loved to carry around as a kid.

Sharing my artwork was always a priority. From the first time I was challenged indirectly by my parents to not hang anything up on freshly painted walls, I ended up finding a solution. Chewing gum was not on their list of items not to use and so it began at the age of eight, displaying my work for all to see using Clark Teaberry and Black Jack gum.

When one is walking the fields next to a river on a land that was originally occupied by Native Americans, a spiritual reverence emerges knowing that it was occupied by others at an earlier age. Clam shells, stones, petrified wood, and any kind of artifacts that were left behind from a prior civilization contains patterns which reflect nature and the people that lived provide an experience that resonates within ones’ soul. Deep seated color, the depth of emotion in the wildlife, and an appreciation of the beauty in something from afar or up close tugs at my heart to capture and share with others.  

Earthy tones, metals such as copper, brass, and sterling silver, gold suddenly become the foundation of stones and trade bead creations.  Emotions that were so evident in the birds and animals that I witnessed in my land scapes as a child are now present in my photographs. Manmade and natural patterns show up in the custom work that I do expressing the love of all things natural both new and old.

Organic materials in my jewelry support the vision that I see in my photographs. Photographs and jewelry are meant to evoke emotion, tell a story, and provide the new owner a venue to transfer their thoughts and emotions to a higher level.

Will this be the end of my evolution, absolutely not! I am on a journey, a journey through the exploration of creating and finding all the elements of art- line, shape, space, value, form, texture, and color. These elements are the building blocks, or ingredients that support Spoon River Elements – the elements that combine with wind, fire, water, and earth.  Spoon River Elements – a place where you can purchase and view what I have always been inspired to share with others – my artwork!

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