Sunday Reflections – First Ever Camping Trip

Sunday Reflections Chunking I am going to chunk my posts.  My goal is three a week. Sundays Reflections will be about reflections – camping trips pasts –a brief history of me camping in the past, […]

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New Adventures Await!

North Highland Adventure Camping for Five Months My last two weeks have been filled with excitement, anxiety and fear of the unknown. One would think I was taking off for some remote place such as […]

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Looking Forward

Introvert, extrovert socially, conversations with self and others have moved me forward from Fall to Winter. I love seeing the cold weather come and chill the earth with whitened snow, frosty glass, and breathes of […]

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Settling Down!

Finally settling down! So this was it. June 30 was my last day technically with work – in actuality June 29 was my last day – and then I had all my family come in […]

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Maybe you wonder how a photographer knows when to take a photo- how do they get those really great shots? Sometimes it is just luck, you just happen to be at the right place, at […]

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       Well, after my shock of what it really means to retire financially, I woke up early the next morning after a good night sleep and realized; the choice was still mine.  Just like I […]

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It seemingly happens all the time but when it is something that is so close to your heart that you literally feel your heart stop beating when it happens, what can you do?  Does one […]

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Paths Crossed

It has always struck me how people come into our lives maybe just once or maybe more than once.  I’ve always mused on this and wondered how could a person come into our lives more […]

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  Boy, growth sure can happen whether you want it to or not! As a newbie in developing webpages, I was so proud of myself.  I figured out how to get my site up and […]

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Time is really relative isn’t it.  It seems that the faster you go, the slower things happen.  Take for example this website.  Who knew that the faster that I tried to get it done, the […]

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