Mealtime Mondays – Magic Hot Chocolate!

Meal Time Mondays

1972 First BWCA Trip

Sometimes you can look back at where you have been and know that this is how you arrived at where you are currently at.  It makes sense, it is logical, it is almost predictable.  That would be the case with what I am attempting to do for my journey up North in the culinary department.

It started with my first canoe trip to the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) in 1972. Yes, that date is correct. 46 years ago this summer, I took my very first canoe trip up the Nina Moose River to Moose Lake with a youth group out of Camp Cilca in Southern Illinois. It was a 10 day trip led by a man that would eventually become my father-in-law.  I was 14 years old. 

George Krueger outfitted through Cliff Wold’s Outfitters in Ely, Mn. It was a trip that would change and steer me into where I am at today.  Check in to the Sunday Reflections to hear more about that story in the near future!

Magic Hot Chocolate

So you are wondering how does Cliff Wold Outfitters connect to Mealtime Mondays? Well, Cliff had the best and I mean the best hot chocolate.  I don’t know if they still make their hot chocolate the way they did back in the day when Cliff was still alive, but I know it was what prompted me to take up dehydrating my own food and putting together meals that I enjoyed eating or that my companions enjoyed eating when we were out in the North Country. Cliff had a secret ingredient. It was subtle. It hinted of a touch of fall, when the hot chocolate was right under your nose you weren’t sure if you wanted to smell it or drink it. Usually I did both and sometimes it was at the same time!!!! It took me about three more outfitting trips through Cliff Wold’s to finally figure it out. Maybe I was a slow learner but I was so proud of myself when I did.

The secret ingredient freshly grated nutmeg! I never travel without my nutmeg nuts and a grater any more – Seriously, try it at home. I think you will be hooked!

Dehydrating Food for 150 Days

So that was really the beginning of it all. The stepping stone that now has me dehydrating enough vegetables, fruits, meats, and more for living 150 days in a rustic campground that has no electricity, no showers and only vault toilets.  Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? It really isn’t but it would have been if I hadn’t come down the road that I have traveled.

So how am I going about dehydrating that much food and how in the world am I planning my meals? How will I store it all especially for five months time?  Will it even keep? How do you even dehydrate? What can you use to dehydrate food? How did I actually get started dehydrating my meals? What steps did I take? What else do I bring? Why am I dehydrating my food? 

I’ll be exploring all of these questions and even more in this part of my blog series. You’ll get to see pictures of the process and the cooking process during the five months – I’ll share recipes and more!

And as Julia Child would say Bon Apetit!



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  1. Lisa Tjaden Miller March 26, 2018 at 4:34 PM #

    I share your sentiments about Cliff’s magical addictive hot chocolate. Last time I asked Sue, the new owners were holding true to the recipe. And…I remember that first trip well voyager friend. How could it possibly be that long ago with memories still so vivid.

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