Singing A Song

Sunday Reflections April Fools and Easter Sunday

What a combination! Mother Nature is surely trying to keep us on our toes with warm weather one week and snowy weather the next. My daffodils are confused as are the robins, purple finches, and cardinals. Should they be singing for spring or looking for cover?

Girl Scout Camp

Camp Tapawingo, a Girl Scout Camp located in central Illinois was sort of a cross between camping out in the State Forests and civilization. There were bunk beds and everything had to stay neat and tidy.   We went for hikes, canoed, ate in the mess hall and played a lot of character building games. I know that a bunch of us from our local Girl Scout troop went but honestly not a whole lot of that trip sticks out in my memory.  

Singing A Song

What still impacts me to this day from that camping trip was the singing. We sang every night around the camp fire. I still have my Camp Tapawingo Song book and still sing some of the songs that I learned there today! In fact, I just sang to my grandson on Facetime this morning Gat Goon the little Bull Frog (#103 for all you Girl Scouts that still have the July 1967 version Camp Tapawingo Song Book!)

There’s one song that I learned there that ironically would become sort of my lilt of being song even to this day.  I loved the song when we learned it and I don’t think I have been to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area or Quetico or on any other canoe or camping trip without singing it. My children have heard it probably more than they care to and my grandchildren I hope to teach it to in due time!

#47 – Canadian Voyager!

What I couldn’t have anticipated was that this song would resonate deep within my soul, bring me out of a funk so deep that not even a canoe paddle could reach it, cheer my heart and soul no matter the weather, no matter the mood of the day.  Neither could I have anticipated that the lyrics would take on literal meaning for me in my lifetime. It is my heart beat, it is my soul –

the chorus

My heart has but one home

from which I’ll never roam

Land of True Happiness

Canadian Wilderness….

And verses with phrases such as:

The life of a voyager,

that of a sojourner

traveling around and round

but not from town to town

travels the lakes and streams

follows the distant dreams

peace on the waterways blue skies no cloudy days…


The call of the lonely loon,

coyotes hollerin’ at the moon

wind rustling through the trees

that’s a Canadian breeze

Smoke rising from the fire

Up to the trees whose stately spires

Breath a sigh in the evening glow

Sun goes down no north winds blow…  


Yep, I can see George Krueger’s face as he stares at the campfire playing with the embers using a long gnarly stick…pensive but peaceful.  It would be another five years before this memory would form but I could hardly wait for another camping trip no matter where it was at.


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