Wildlife Wednesday – Tipping Point


Tipping Point – Where is our land going?

Every day there is an article on Facebook, or in the news, drilling is being allowed, mining is being allowed, our once public lands are being compromised and reduced acre by acre. Having grown up on an Illinois farm, I am sensitive to these issues. I remember a discussion we had in high school – When will we hit the tipping point? When will the land that is left no longer support the people with food, the wildlife with habitat and food, and what will we do when that happens? When will or when did our parks and wildlife areas suddenly turn from wild to zoos without fences?

I think we are a lot closer to this tipping point than what the media wants us to believe.  Questions to look at: How much farm land is being converted each year for new construction whether it be for commerce or personal usage? How much of that farm land bordered wildlife areas, state parks, county parks, national parks?  I’ll be honest – I don’t have the statistics but I am researching it. But if I just break it down to the county I live in, visually, I can tell you it’s staggering. Maybe because our county is the new home of Foxconn and I’m seeing a whole road being transformed where there once was patches of woods, there are no more, where there once were houses sitting out in the middle of fields, there are no more.  Where are the prairie horned larks going to go? Where are the geese, the meadowlarks, the cranes, the deer, the fox, the opossums, the raccoons, the voles, the mice, the dragonflies, the lightening bugs, the scarlet tanagers, the Baltimore Orioles, the coyotes where are they all going to go? What happens to them?

If you live in Racine County, try driving north and south on H. Good luck. Pipes, sewers, cable, electrical all have their construction crews trying to pave the way for what the public calls the future.  I call it a slow death. On top of that Foxconn wants to utilize 7 million gallons of Lake Michigan water a day. 7 million! I can’t even fathom what that amount of water would look like in semi tanker loads. How many semis would it take to transport that much water to one facility? Well, if I go by this article, then my calculations come up with 880 semi tankers. Yeah, Go figure! 880!

So what are the rest of us going to swim in, canoe in, fish in, drink from when the water is all gone?  Where will we go to see wildlife that frequents these parts of our county?

The small example I shared is just one county in south eastern Wisconsin, one county in one state. I’ll be honest, I am worried. No, I am downright scared. I think we have reached our tipping point and I’m not sure how we are going to or even if we can get it back.

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